Heartworm and Parasite Protection

Heartworm is the most dangerous of the five types of internal parasites your dog can get. In Massachusetts mosquitoes carrying Heartworm are now around 12 months a year! When you consider the severity, cost, and prevalence of parasites, you can see why protection is the best option! At Best Pets, we offer the industry's best heartworm/parasite prevention choices.

Parasite Prevention

Parasite Protection Options For Your Canine Companions

  • Sentinel Spectrum: the most protective heartworm and parasite monthly chew available
  • Simparica TRIO: the only chew that prevents heartworms, parasites, fleas & ticks in one monthly chew
  • ProHeart12: the only heartworm injection that lasts 12 months with no chews to remember or give

Which One Is Best for YOUR Dog?

Heartworm Prevention

Don't Forget Your Feline Friends!

We offer the best parasite protection for indoor and outdoor cats

  • Revolution Plus: the topical that protects your cat from parasites that can them inside and outside of your home