Does Your Dog Have Mobility Issues?

Your dog may have Osteoarthritis (OA). OA is a type of arthritis that happens when the protective tissue in the joints is worn down, causing bones to rub against each other.  Dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds can have OA pain - it's not just a condition seen in older dogs. OA decreases your dog's willingness to play, affects their quality of life, and makes it hard for you to do the things you love together.

Nearly 40% of dogs show signs of OA pain.  Less than half are diagnosed.

Librela for Dogs

Now there is something new that we can do about it!

Librela Can Help

  • Provides long-term OA pain control for your dog.
  • A once-monthly injection given by our veterinary team
  • Works to reduce pain signals, making it easier for your dog to move and play
  • Controls signs of OA pain in dogs, which can help them be more active and improve their overall quality of life.

You can take the first step to determine if your dog has signs of OA by completing this at-home checklist and forwarding the results to us at [email protected].

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